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Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP2) Schedule

16-17 December 2023Mr. Surya GandiLive Virtual Classroom (LVC) Online30000
  • Introduction
  • Kanban as evolutionary change method
  • Motivation for the Kanban Method
  • Evolutionary Change
  • Kanban Maturity Model
  • The purpose of the KMM
  • Three Aspects of KMM
  • Overview of Maturity Levels 0 to 4
  • Kanban for the Enterprise
  • The Kanban Method (Review)
  • Seeing Services (Kanban Lens)
  • Scaling out Across the Organization
  • Upstream Kanban
  • Emerging Roles
  • Feedback Loops
  • Introduction to Feedback Loops
  • Types of Cadence
  • Maturity Level 1 Cadences
  • Maturity Level 2 Cadences
  • Maturity Level 3 Cadences
  • Maturity Level 4 Cadences
  • Improvement Techniques
  • Strategies for Improvement
  • Strategies for Improving Capability
  • Understanding Lead Time
  • Removing Delays
  • Understanding Variability
  • Managing Bottlenecks
  • Evolutionary Change
After the completion of training, participant will gain knowledge on how to:
  • Take a pro-active, rational and well-communicated approach to continuous improvement.
  • Achieve higher levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction, sustainably.
  • Outline a path to increase organizational maturity, including how to overcome resistance to change.
  • Implement simple and effective cross-boundary coordination. 5. Use proven tools and methods to increase capability, remove delays, reduce variability and manage bottlenecks.
  • Develop an understanding of evolutionary change and avoid the tendency for pushing disruptive, presumptive solutions.
  • Effectively scale workflow agility without changing job titles, organization structures, or causing other disruptions.
  • Increase skills and implementation of the 6 general practices of Kanban.
  • Aspiring Agile Coaches
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Delivery Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Agile Project Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Iteration Managers
  • Analysts
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches
Participant should have completed Kanban System Design (KMP1) certification
No Exam. Required two days of training attendance and certificate will be enabled post completion of this course

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