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Kanban System Design (KMP-1)

18-19 November 2023Mr. Surya GandiLive Virtual Classroom (LVC) Online27000
  • Introduction
  • Essence of the Lean Kanban Method
  • Definition of the Kanban Method
  • Change Management Principles
  • General Practices
  • The Meaning of Kanban
  • Understanding Kanban Systems
  • Kanban Method practice #1: Visualize
  • Kanban Method practice #2: Limit Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Kanban Method practice #3: Manage Flow
  • Kanban Method practice #4: Make Process Policies Explicit
  • Kanban Method practice 5: Implement Feedback Loops
  • Commitment & Replenishment
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Explain the basics, motivation and benefits of the Kanban Method.
  • Apply the Kanban practices and principles with the “Service Orientation” agenda.
  • Explain the core Kanban concept of “Pull” with its effects and how Pull-Systems can be modeled.
  • Apply the STATIK Method to design service-oriented Kanban systems.
  • Apply insights from STATIK and suitable patterns to design a Kanban board that closely models the workflow, item types, classes of service and other elements at hand.
  • Aspiring Agile Coaches
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Delivery Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Agile Project Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Iteration Managers
  • Analysts
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches
There is no prerequisite to take this course
No Exam. Required two days of training attendance and certificate will be enabled post completion of this course

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